Yep, a puppet-faced spaceboy singing a George Michael classic seems pretty on … The celebrity behind the creepy mask turned out to be Simon Pryce from The Wiggles, who has been a popular guess the whole season. Because Puppet, undoubtedly the most terrifying of this year's The Masked Singer costumes, is definitely a Wiggle. The only people I told I was doing it were my family and my manager so they were sworn to full on secrecy because you basically sign a contract and they’re very, very serious about the secrecy. Masked Singer Season 4 Features a Baby Alien Puppet, Probably Just a Coincidence ... behind elaborate googly-eyed masked costumes to sing for us was notable, wacky, and weird. After making his debut, … The Baby Alien is first Masked Singer creature to have a moving face — and it’s an animatronic Muppet face! Puppet left The Masked Singer viewers terrified during Monday's premiere episode of the hit Network 10 guessing show. Nick Bond bondnickbond September 7, … “Appeared in the 2020 version of The Masked Singer as ‘The Puppet’,” it said on his Wiki page, before the addition was promptly deleted the next day. The Masked Singer fans are convinced they already know who is behind the show's most terrifying costume The Puppet is male and performed Elvis Presley's 1972 track Burning Love. Master of puppets: 'Masked Singer' Baby Alien is star athlete Lyndsey Parker 1 day ago. While Pryce seems like a nice enough guy, viewers couldn’t get past that damn costume. The Masked Singer is obviously quite strict about keeping the identities’ secret, did you go to any extreme lengths to keep it all under wraps? If you've ever wondered what a Wiggle would sound like singing a Justin Bieber song, you're in luck. He was revealed as Puppet during Monday's episode of The Masked Singer, but Simon Pryce said his young fans actually worked out that he was under the costume a long time ago. A screenshot taken by the fan reveals what many viewers had already guessed from the clues provided - the star behind the season’s ‘creepiest’ mask is Red Wiggle, Simon Pryce. He was one of the most hotly debated contestants all season - but The Masked Singer's mysterious puppet has finally been revealed. The Puppet was one of the final four contestants on The Masked Singer, before he was unmasked in the finals, like Katie Noonan as the Sloth and Sophie Monk as … On last night’s The Masked Singer semi-final, the nightmare finally ended after Puppet was booted from the show and unmasked..