Gyokuro tea is a type of shaded green tea made from unique variations of the Camellia sinensis plant. December Deal #1 Matcha Sampler + Whisk. Gyokuro tea has been consumed for nearly 200 years in Japan, but it is more widely available now, so it’s important to know what benefits it might hold!. A very high quality organic gyokuro grown by a farmer in Shizuoka who is dedicated to growing one tea only - organic gyokuro. Most sophisticated Japanese tea, Organic Gyokuro loose leaf green tea is made from shade grown Japanese Green Tea. ... Sweet and Savory Gyokuro Premium Sencha Our Teas. * Another masterpiece from renowned Sakamoto Tea Farm, Kagoshima, Japan * Certified organic * Regular Price $24.95 Read Product Review by Tea Expert Organic Hojicha Green Tea. Organic Gyokuro Review * indicates a required field Gyokuro green tea is considered one of the best green teas available in the world and this offering from the Art of Tea is a great example of Gyokuro green tea.. Gyokuro green tea is delicate and needs to be steeped at a lower temperature than most teas and is often quite expensive. We are proud to offer Gyokuro green tea from a certified Organic production that comes from Aichi Prefecture. Tea drinkers across the globe who have enjoyed the quality of Gyokuro Green Tea, will affirm that their investment was worth it. JAPANESE ORGANIC GYOKURO SHADE-GROWN GREEN TEA Gyokuro is a premium Japanese green tea containing high amounts of umami. What is Gyokuro Tea? Until now we have never been impressed with the myriad of samples of organic gyokuro we have been offered over the years, we refused to purchase these teas in the past simply to fill the "organic" niche. Organic Hawaii Sweet Roast Green Tea. Buddha Teas organic Gyokuro Green Tea … Shaded from the sun for 20 days to increase the levels of chlorophyl and the amino acid L-theanine. December Deal #1 Matcha Sampler + Whisk. Sourcing the best organic green tea from Japan and bringing it to you. (For more information, click here.) Known for its briny undertones and vegetal flavors and high andioxidant levels. View. #1 Art Of Tea – Uji Gyokuro Tea. We meet the farmers in person to hear their story and learn more about the unique teas they produce. * Gyokuro made from Sae-midori cultivar, especially developed to make high-grade gyokuro * Full-bodied & lovely umami * Lingering aftertaste * Bright green color reminiscent to fresh green muscat grapes--drink it cold in a champagne flute! The rarity makes this tea more expensive, but for the connoisseurs in your life, Gyokuro will not disappoint. Rich flavors of toasted grain and hay with sweet honey undertones. Gyokuro is one of the highest forms of organic Japanese whole leaf green tea. Like the tea bushes for matcha, for Gyokuro the tea bushes are grown under intense shade for 2-3 weeks before the plucking of leaves. View. There are only a few farmers that produce organic green tea in a small part of Kyoto. Even today, it is enjoyed almost exclusively in the Kyoto region. Gyokuro is the Macallan 18 Year-Old of green teas, and as with Scottish single malts, Japanese green tea is the only way to go, at least for me. However, caffeine in tea works as a healthier stimulant than caffeine in coffee, as it is released progressively throughout the day. Bold vegetal flavor with mild sweet nuttiness creates a full brothy cup. Brothy, bright vegetal infusion that hints at grilled sweet corn. Organic Gyokuro Green Tea. "Daichi tono Kakutoh" means that it takes a lot of time and great effort to grow organic green tea. Gyokuro was developed in Uji, in Kyoto region of Japan. Organic Gyokuro is produced in very limited quantities in the Asahina mountainous area near Shizuoka City and is rarely sold outside Japan. Green tea contains caffeine and theanine, and Gyokuro tea, due to the leaves being less exposed to sunlight than any other green tea, has a higher amount of caffeine than most.