A very impressive evergreen succulent to grow in coastal, succulent, or even in Mediterranean gardens. This is because of how big these palms grow. Stop by one of our locations to see our selection or give us a call if you are looking for a specific type of succulent. They grow to about 3 feet high by 3 feet wide and grow best in partial sun. This is one of the largest succulents on our list. For Types of Succulents Careguide. Hardy to 23 F. Clumping rosettes grows to 4' tall; 4' wide. Toxicity:  This plant is toxic to both animals and humans. Their striking rosette shape, plump leaves, and dozens of different colors make them very easy to decorate with. Lechuguilla Verde is another low water use succulent that grows very well in Arizona. 480-655-5789, A & P Nursery And even if they can acclimate to full sun, they’ll typically need some time to get used to it if they’ve been purchased from … Garden Soil Vs. Potting Mix | Differences. If you gradually introduce your succulents to the direct sunlight (increasing an hour or so every couple of days), most succulents will tolerate full sun most of the day. Plus, they are exceptionally hardy and can brighten up any arrangements, especially in mixed dish gardens, making them one of the most popular succulents to grow. Toxicity: Agave To remedy this, move the plant to a shady location, or provide cover during a heatwave. is slow-growing succulents that have large leaves with spiky margins and blooms some bell-shaped and long-lasting flowers in white, yellow, and green color. They are easy to plant and maintain. Sign up here! LIST OF SUCCULENTS IN ZONE 9A … Due to the interesting structural shapes of the succulents many can provide interesting silhouettes and totally unique appeal. Also looks great in containers where beautiful floral arrangements can be made. We researched the coolest succulents so you can pick a favorite for your space. They come in purple, red, pink, white and different combinations of variegated shades too.Petunias do just fine in fairly hot or sunny conditions but as I cover in another post, you will need to keep them watered when the soil is dry through the top inch of soil. Gilbert, Arizona 85234 Heat tolerant. Newly planted succulents can scorch in direct sunlight, so you may need to gradually introduce them to full sun exposure or provide shade with a sheer curtain. F. Grows to 3' tall 6' spread. 9 Gardening Tips for Mesa Arizona’s Spring Planting Season Guide. These succulents have very small yellow color flower clusters which are very difficult The Aloe Vaombe is an aloe tree that grows well in our low desert environment. A Madagascan palm is a great succulent option for the desert. Stems can be … While the term gets a little arbitrary when really nailing down exactly which plants are and which plants are not succulents there are some that people are familiar with. //