She doesn't provide quite as much team support as some of the other Sabers' Charisma, but it's on a harder to find modifier and she carries a useful overcharge. Skadi/Quick farming don't exist in NA, let's try not to force it 2 years before it actually works. FarmVille 2 auf Android und iOS arbeitet eigenständig von der Facebook-Version des Spiels. She still falls a bit short of some other ST Archers on damage, so she's probably not going to be your go-to if you're grabbing a support ST Archer. Hey Farmers, welcome to the FarmVille Fan Page! Guaranteed NP5 with a 35% card-type buff and a 50% charge makes for an excellent ST Archer. Her damage falls a bit short of where it needs to be on giant Spriggans or Saber enemies, at least where her anti-male bonus doesn't apply. join list: FateStuffMention History Her NP does kind of hit like a wet noodle unless you get lucky with her buff proccing, which isn't consistent enough to rely on. Travel. That alone wouldn't be enough to put her in A-rank. Play Now. But she outdamages Golden vs. Lancers, and that's what we really ask for. .. "Hm? Okita 1Mil Damage on Scathach. As if STELLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA needed an upgrade. A Buster Zerk alongside 30% attack-up and 20% NP damage still makes for quite a hard-hitting ST. After about 10 minutes of playing, a player will have used all the water and will have to wait for it to replenish. You’ll interact with a variety of interesting characters, grow and unlock special crops, take care of animals, and make your farm come alive. Only whales have that, but it's discussed throughout the entire tier list, at least as far as I read. Her 50-star-generating NP and 50% quick buff are still great support abilities.. She suffers from low attack keeping her from carding well or even taking out medium-tier neutral waves without her skill (which you generally want to save for buffing a different servant). Outdamaging Golden while carrying party-wide support makes for an excellent ST servant. But against Berserkers, she is one of the the best STs you can bring. He's still a solid servant who can do some jobs, but as mob HPs continue to climb, his low base damage and lack of support makes him fall further and further behind. Zerksalot defense force incoming. 954 FarmVille 2 Guides; 1K Updates & Announcements; 70 Farm of The Week Event; 422 International; 100 Français; 69 Italiano; 112 Deutsch; 70 Español; 71 Português; Bekannte Fehler und technische Hilfe. Jack the Ripper - Jack be nimble, Jack be quick. But that's still enough for wave 1s. Nitocris - The newest non-SSR addition to our S-tier has supplanted Paracalculator as everyone's favorite low-level farmer. The addition of Personal Lesson and soon Chaldea Lunchtime has put additional CE slots at a premium. Announcement 72 views 0 comments 0 points Started by Mazikeen October 19 Official Guides. Unfortunately the combination of an Arts NP + an inapplicable Riding B and only 40% attack buff compared to Okita's 50% leaves her falling short on damage compared to her primary competition. He has a 30% attack buff stapled on team-wide NP charging to allow for easier NP access. What's not to love? Welcome to the Official Fan Page for FarmVille 2 and FarmVille 2: Country Escape! 3.6. Need some info on FGO discord group called Farmville by SonnyG11 in grandorder [–] Rexbutlessf2p 12 points 13 points 14 points 10 months ago (0 children) After searching through the lesser known corridors of Chaldea in search for another enclosure exhibiting similar phenomena to that of a lost-room, I have meagre fruits to bear. It’s FarmVille tailored for you and the way you want to play. Because the purpose of STs is to face card and nuke, every ST servant has to compare itself to Golden and ask what it does better. Even without it, she has a targetable 50% Quick Up to give either herself or support an AOE quick NP (like Fran/Lancelot/Tamacat). Her 85% NP damage up, while better than Tesla's 80%, is still too far from 100% to be counted on when farming. Team comp wise, Waver is necessary to get his charge back up to 100% for lack of Skadi if you're using him to clear two waves, while other support teammates basically include anyone with a targeted or party-wide quick buff, the main ones right now being Scat, Atalante, and Helena (whose lower quick buff is more than offset by her NP charge skill), while in the future Ishtarin, Chiron, and of course Skadi join them. If they're not both options, Bryn will probably still get the job done. In this way, he's great for clearing the first two waves if their health and death chance is too strong for Nitocris to be a reliable option, or alternatively the last two waves, going into the boss wave with 50 stars and his own crit buff in case your main ST servant doesn't get a good card draw to go with their NP. Package Inc. Mod APK. FarmVille 2, the sequel, was released in September 2012. You won't find yourself using Gil that often when it comes to free quests or generic downtime farming, where servants are less common. Even at NP5 10/10/10 he falls a little short of NP2 Ozy, which puts Ozy a bit out of his league on raw damage. You should level yours and use her often. Close. He finds himself a little short on some NP damage only roughly matching Beowulf instead of his Golden competitor. As a decent amount of farming involves using face cards to deal damage, SRs and SSRs are still on average more desirable than 3-stars and lower due to their higher level caps and higher stats. Why was the Na-Farmville channel killed? Lalter - Lalter sacrifices bad art in exchange for doing some solid damage in a class without much competition. Unfortunately she's not worth much outside of her ability to fire off her NP, but it's a good enough one to be worth the effort. Orion and and Squirtoria have very similar attack, np damage, and all 3 have identical card decks. If you can find a farming compsition that works approximately as well as an Arash comp, you will always default to the non-Arash option. Tags similar to FGO. She and Illya are comparable, but the ability to carry something other than a damage/starting NP CE is worth a lot. The only downside is that you need to find her another 20% charge somewhere, but that's generally not too hard. We want to farm as quickly, efficiently, and consistently as we can. WARNING LETTER. This Week's Prizes . The 300% damage boost on his NP from his interlude is nothing laughing at. Yeah pretty much. And somehow he does have a bit more. Cancel. Das Farmspiel bietet dir einen farbenfrohen Comic-Look in 3D. Tags similar to FGO. The pastures are always greener on our side! Welcome home, doctor. That her damage exceeds the AOE Zerks on supereffective mobs just adds to the fact that you're going to use her vs. Rider mobs and not much is going to change that. There's not a ton of difference between them. He was outdamaged by Fran, but at least kep is star genning to make him unique. Don't forget that 20% though, otherwise things can get awkward. Version:2.0. For generic farming he's good enough, but new singularities and events are starting to pass him by. In general we find NPs to not be a huge deal (especially after the NP1>NP2 jump, which is a larger percentage growth than NP2>NP5). She gives up some of the damage afforded to other AOE Sabers through her loss of Charisma, but her easier NP access and ability to double NP is generally more useful for farming than the extra damage she misses out on. How exactly are you differentiating the damage on Orion, Squirtoria, and Kuro? I mean fuuma is terrible as a aoe assassin, especially right now before his np upgrade he basically does like slightly above phantom, you have better time to just use any of the aoe zerkers. Her def down allows her to support an earlier wave if needed, while often being able to clean up late waves by herself. If it happens to be a nod where she can clear wave 2 (maybe with the help of some Charisma)? She has a crit absorb to help finish off waves. Salter is also slightly worse at carding due to having 1000 less attack. Trade with neighbors, contribute to your friends’ farms, and join a Co-op to work with farmers you can count on to complete a shared Order Board and progress on the Co-op Delivery Map for huge rewards! Discord Servers FGO Discord servers tagged with FGO. FarmVille 2. By the time he was transferred to the Farmville immigrant detention center in mid-April, the protocol was to quarantine him for 14 days. Jack has the makings of an excellent servant, incredible star gen, good NP damage, and a great anti-female overchage. Tipp 1: Schlüssel sparen und bekommen. He has a non-damaging NP. She boasts an incredible attack stat that face cards easily. Its gameplay involves various aspects of farmland management, such as plowing land, planting, growing, and harvesting crops, harvesting trees and raising livestock. Atalanta - Nyanta finds herself slowly slipping from the title of one of the best support farmers in the game. Official Guide: Walkthrough: FarmVille Coastal Countryside Farm Chapter 8. FGO NA - 1 Year Later in Review. If she were in any other class she'd likely be a lackluster and forgotten servant. Orion - While Orion benefitted greatly from his recent interlude, Archuria has since knocked her down a peg. He's a Berserker with monstrous attack stat, a 3 Buster card deck, 50% attack boost, and 50% self-charge. With the addition of his strengthening quest, Zerksalot forms a third, but equal counterpoint to Fran and Raikou when it comes to farming. While Fran has raw NP damage and Raikou has a massive beatstick of damage buffs and stargen, Lancelot has slightly less of each, in exchange for a massive advantage in the form of his NP refund. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. A solid Mana Burst. He's generic. Announcement 98 views 0 comments 0 points Started by Mazikeen October 22 Official Guides. Deafult PPH message. She carries a party-wide attack buff in addition to her own Arts buff. In terms of strong AOEs that can provide team support, Altera gets the job done. Welcome to /r/grandorder, the central hub for Fate/Grand Order and all things related to the Fate franchise. Good content, I knew Kintoki nuked hard but I had no idea he nuked THAT hard. Let him buff and let him clear. Spartacus - The second useful 1* farmer on our list finds his value climbing significantly since getting his Buster-up skill. In FarmVille farm, each effort receives a reward. Tesla - Meet the sad prince of farming. Ärmel hochkrempeln und ran ans Werk! She's got the highest damage of the AOE Sabers and her Charisma is better than most. This lets him oddly combo with the likes of Helena and Tesla that we complain about not having a 100% chance of their skills proccing. Schlüssel sind in Farmville 2 die Premium-Währung. When you need to kill an Archer or Berserker, she stands head and shoulders above Kintoki on damage, which is something not many servants can claim. And Many More Prizes! OG is still slightly better, but the difference often won't be noticeable. If you can't get her charge to 10, she probably won't be as useful to you as this list makes her out to be. He carries a lot of small, hidden costs. She is a staple beam-shooting gold Sabers. Treten in deinem Spiel technische Probleme auf, klicke bitte hier. Barring Phantom, there are 3 AoE Assassins. She is also cursed by the dreaded 0.9x Caster class modifier. Her Mana Burst ups both her Buster damage and NP damage, but unfortunately lacks the ability to share her buff. I don't really see the need for a lot of mods for it or anything, but I'll probably make Rabbit one if he's willing. He is a failsafe - your last resort to farm efficiently. Click on a chicken, and it will drop an egg. She is as solid as the Saber farmers, but in a class that's much less crowded. It doesn't get any better (yet). Please remember that this list only cares about ranking servants for quick farming. Take everything said about Tesla and apply it here. She is not entirely fond of Bicorns making up a large majority of giant Lancer enemies (Man vs. Earth for a 0.9x damage modifier). Kuro could possibly also get off a second NP, but it won't have her steroid included. She gets a 55% Mana Burst compared to the more traditional 50%, and being a Lancer gives her a 1.05x base multiplier instead of 1x. His overcharge is a useful def down for double-NPing wave 3s. Sometimes he requires being Plugsuitted in or out to avoid how much he gets in the way. His anti-servant overcharge alongside his 30% NP mod leaves him doing excellent damage against opposing servants while not being completely worthless vs. non-servant side mobs. Yes i know about that one thanks but i wanted to make one strictly for this community annd a lot of people joined which is nice :) Create, build and nourish the farm of your dreams in FarmVille 2. What keeps Arash out of the true top tier of farmer is that you never WANT to use Arash. He's strong. FarmVille is an agriculture-simulation social network game developed and published by Zynga in 2009. Unfortunately for Helena, her value is heavily tied to having her team charge at skill level 10, as it's only 10% at level 1 and 18% at level 9. She is a solid servant in a class with truly no competition. Wait, I mean Ozy is a great servant. Home Farm. Golden - Golden boy is, pardon the pun, the gold standard of ST farmers. He also finds himself directly competing with Drake in terms of AOE Riders. Hold the fuck up. But now he finds himself also outdamaged by Mama, who similarly generates a bunch of stars with her NP. Combine her with Tamamo and Nero Bride and you have a great refund team capable of holding 5 event CEs. Full text of servant summaries (I am only copying Ranks SS to A here due to space considerations. The 80% chance of his NP buff is unreliable enough that you can't really factor it in. (The Demonic part is still noteworthy but not as important.) Go to FarmVille on your computer and place free roaming animals in buildings to collect from them using FarmVille Express! Mordred (Rider) - Meet Meme Mordred. Assuming NP1, Kuro has the highest NP damage by far (about the same as NP2 for the others). Lancelot - Time continues to treat Lancelot poorly. His Berserker nature means he can be convincingly outclassed by class-specific STs on specific targets, but on average you won't do better than him. Official Guide: Walkthrough: FarmVille Let There Be Light Quest Guide 2020. Watch this." You can't ask for much more than that. Da Vinci won't really be useful if you're relying on neutral damage, but for class advantage clearing she'll do the job. You're right, I forgot Fuuma exists. But self-charging is still very good. Her damage is on the low side (17k neutral at NP5), so you're only going to use her for early waves. It is similar to Happy Farm, and Farm Town. Bei FarmVille 2 handelt es sich um den Nachfolger, der mit einer aufgefrischten Grafik und vielen neuen Möglichkeiten daherkommt. NA Discussion. OF course, this is all contingent on Mordred actually being able to clear all 3 waves, which isn't a given. Pick her when her Brynhildr's Beloved is applicable, otherwise stick to Scathach if both are available. My guess is he's looking at the overall damage, not just NP, but even if you look at NP squirtoria comes out ahead imo. Her Rapid Words breaks 100% at level 8, meaning she can instantly fire her NP even when carrying no-charge CEs (like event bonus CEs). That he boosts himself further if you double NP a wave and get his overcharge second is even better. I'd be more concerned if she was listed higher, since she's a pure boss nuke built for situations where all of her buffs are up, support servants are waiting at the ready, and the boss has a gargantuan healthbar that you want to see disappear in a single buster crit. Beowulf - Meet Golden Light. And he has a buff chance up attached to his NP charge. She basically gets off a nuke round and then she's got 4 star stats holding her slightly back on the ranking. (If the buff is essential you'd aim for something that deals more damage or figuring out how to stack additional buffs.) Mordred being able to triple NP with support servants means it's possible to get extra empty CE slots on your other servants, allowing you to more easily fit extra bonus/event CEs without sacrificing clearing speed. If you're relying on face carding weaker mobs in wave 1 or 2, he has the potential to seriously screw up your 1-turn card clears. She's not going to do anything exciting, but if you need to clear a Lancer wave, she's going to get the job done. TAP BELOW TO REVEAL PRIZES. Let let him do his own thing. Have fun and enjoy your stay. Nero Bride - Umu Bride is just a solid Saber ST. FGO NA - 1 Year Later in Review. She's still good enough most of the time, but it's not her forte. Xuanzang - Tittymonk is one of the only servants on this list that should not carry KScope. Friendly reminder that there is now a Discord for FGO players in the Gamepress community (or any FGO players) Here we talk about a wide variety of topics ranging from general conversation all the way to event strategies and player support. Support damage skill + AOE NP + star vomit makes for an incredibly potent combination when farming. And Drake really has everything a farmer could wish for! As a straight damage-dealer she is lacking. Only 1Mil? Or event bonus CEs, provided her rather low base damage is enough on its own. He will indeed slay all zasshu who stand before him. She doesn't quite hit the damage numbers needed to take out Bicorns on her own, making her more of a dedicated Arts-comp support servant than a great generic farmer. Her NP effect provides good stars for the next wave. Mach‘ dich gefasst auf einen kunterbunten Spaß auf der Online-Farm. If you ever find yourself taking an A-Rank or lower ST from support just for nuking purposes, you would be better with Golden (barring power modifiers, event bonuses, etc.) But he is a Berserker with 30% self-charge and very low cost. Zynga is a leading developer of the world's most popular social games that are played by millions of people around the world each day. 4 years ago. Ozymandias - Dojima Gin is a a great chef. But he's not, so he has to settle for merely being a useful 1* instead of a generically amazing servant. But he's not perfect. When farming, reliability and consistency are the most important things. This by itself would only qualify him for the upper end of A-rank, like an Artoria with less damage and more stars, but for one small fact: Quick buffs multiplicative stack with his NP gain buff. His survivability is nice in the event that you misclick or something goes horribly wrong, and it makes him very good for slightly harder quests that you're not necessarily 3-turning, but for farming he finds himself wanting just a little more. Like us to stay up to date with the latest news about FarmVille 2! I agree with your conclusion on tier list for them, just not exactly how you got there. Pretty much every whale on #farmville FGO discord - #168555439 added by anonymous at Okita 1Mil Damage on Scathach But when you're able to use it and it works, you almost certainly will choose to do so, because it will be the most efficient thing you can do. The discord has a chat that is dedicated to Nero Fest, meaning that all of your questions that you may have about the exhibitions can be answered within seconds of asking it. After a brief hiatus, the Farmville tier list is back again due to a very small amount of popular demand. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. That's what I get for trying to make a joke about Phantom not being a real servant. She has an often-relevant super effective modifier in her anti-Sky/Earth skill. His attack is weak and his face cards are bad. Unrelated: Her overcharge refill and drain make her even better if you find yourself farming Raid Quests with her, but that's beyond what we're looking for here. He was outdamaged by Fran, but at least kep is star genning to make him unique. This also lets her double NP entirely on her own with MLB Kaleidoscope, without having to worry about overkill. She self-charges 50%. She does it all. Mama Raikou - Let me spare you the poor-taste Mama jokes and put it simply - she is awesome. Lancelot - Time continues to treat Lancelot poorly. Archived. This tier list seems very inapplicable. Fortunately for her, those vanilla skills happen to be very good ones. Shuten - For being one of only two AOE Assassin (Phantom doesn't count), Shuten is a good servant even ignoring her lack of competition. Her lack of a super-effective class leaves her doing pitiful damage compared to ST Zerks against anything but enemy Berserkers. But as a powerful ST Caster with essentially no competition other than Monk, you'll use her when she's good. Both of these can be incredibly valuable, for either hole filling or event farming. Non-MLB KScope or regular Imaginary Element + Mage's Association). You’ll interact with a variety of interesting characters, grow and unlock special crops, take care of animals, and make your farm come alive. Also people I know from Farmville Refugee Discord or from this subreddit are much safer than people I randomly add through the game, especially regarding longer offline times (it can always happen to someone to go on vacation, in that case at least mention that in your username somehow). Her overcharge is useful vs. servant farming, but not particularly so for Free Quests like Alexandria or Chicago. Verwaltet eure Farm, deren Pflanzen und einen ganzen Hofstaat.. Know when to bring Fran and when to bring Mama and neither will disappoint. This is a baseline guide comparing the quality of the servants. 31M likes. A solid team buff in Charisma. Her damage with a Black Grail is excellent and outdamages both Illya and Golden. Share. As some of you know, a bunch of us Gamepress members have established a Discord for talking about all of the things that make FGO great and a way for us to more directly help and support other players. It's just not as high as it could be. Waver's ability to help other servants use two NPs while keeping his own CE slot empty has become significantly more valuable now that we have bonus CEs worth using regularly. Illya - The newest addition to the world of ST Casters offers up something of a rarity - good NP damage. Farmville Tipps: Auf dem Laptop weiterspielen. Drake - The queen of farming. Play Now. What sets her apart is her Demonic Magic being party-wide instead of a selfish buff like the other STs Zerks. Her 3 quick card deck on top of Assassin's 0.9x class modifier makes her poorly suited to face-carding, leaving her often struggling to farm as well as Berserkers of similar power level. drama (324) tabletop (363) waifu (379) indonesia (376) d&d (996) epic (1254) bot (1312) dnd (1270) anime (49777) partnerships (1526) manga (8178) xbox (1626) Bumped recently . Properly buffed she can one-shot even many of the stronger mobs you may want to farm. If you’re interested and would like to take part, use Discord and use this link: Log into Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family, and people you know. It is the 20% Dragon boost that makes Jalter stand out. Discord Servers FGO Discord servers tagged with FGO. He carries an NP buff (party wide), an attack buff (3 turn party wide), and a selfish Buster-up. That's still quite useful, but not as universally desirable as it once was. Her attack buff is targetable, letting her play some damage support to teammates as needed. Her ability to buff Artorias, Shuten, Liz, and a few random others by a whopping 40% makes for some incredibly unique and powerful farming compositions. But outside of needing huge damage for high HP Spriggans/etc., she'll do the job. She can do something that very few servants can claim - be conditionally more useful than Waver as a support. Unfortunately her +attack is stapled to her +crit stars, but the 3-turn attack boost means she can spit out stars for wave 1 crits while still having the boost applied to her NP a turn or two later. She's a bit of a one-trick pony, but fortunately that one trick is an AOE nuke. Better bonus CEs. Ibaraki - Banana Oni doesn't boast the same damage as her ST Zerk compatriots here. She's a nuke. Jalter - Jalter is both significantly worse than you think she is and oddly better than you think she is. The entire game is available without ads and features lovely milestones that can appeal to those who care most about style. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, 270582 235060 244401 258362 229191 182315. His monstrous attack stat, Zerk class, Buster deck, and +damage overcharge on his NP make for an incredibly strong servant. According to ICE guidance issued on April 10, all new detainees were supposed to be evaluated to see if they were at higher risk for serious illness from COVID-19, including if they were 65 or older.