I think it would still taste great with black beans! Leaks sound great. I had to boil the beans then soak for an hour before cooking since I forgot to soak them overnight. This was the best tasting soup I have ever made! Taste and adjust accordingly. I did add the celery and carrots (love veggies), soaked the beans for 12 hours. Have not made it yet, but, I can’t wait to. I did add a tomato sliced and cubed. Add ham bone, onion, carrots, celery, garlic, and bay leaves. i usually make split pea soup but I wanted to try navy bean so I tried your recipe. Or add extra ham scraps you might want to use up. My mom (now known as Nana) had a special gift for using her resources wisely. Thanks for the tip on that! I reduced water to 8 cups and added 2.5 tbsp of chicken bouillon. Thanks! It’s rich, filling, comforting, and can feed a large crowd on a small budget. 1 meaty ham bone, left over from a baked ham 3 cans (15.5 ounce) white navy beans or mixed beans, rinsed 3 medium carrots, diced small (approximately 2 cups) 1 large yellow onion, diced Thanks for posting it again and a very Happy Easter to you and yours! HI Sommer! Probably this winter and that’s coming soon. Boil beans in water for 2mins remove from heat, soak in same boiled water for an hour covered, rinse. I was surprised about how much spice the red pepper flakes added, but I liked it . I will be making again. Great flavor and aroma! The soup was really tasty. Delicious. I don’t know if this will help you, but we have the same problem re: ham bones. Next time I will add the tomato paste before the water, and cook it a little before adding the water. My family loved it! Continue to cook over low heat until the beans are tender, or about … Ham and Bean Soup – a homestyle, hearty and delicious soup that couldn’t be easier to make! This soup looks great. Bad, bad experience. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, recipes, and tips to make everything delicious. . Delicious. Bean freshness is usually the culprit. Either way, today I want to show you exactly how to use your leftover ham bone, to make the most of every last bite of flavor your baked ham can offer! I wanted to add a few more veggies, so I whipped up a couple of cups of chicken broth from bullion powder, and then was able to add broccoli, carrots, a couple of tomatoes, and celery. Perfection. I used a bit more than a lb of beans since I only had pinto beans available. I used about 1/2 tsp. I think it will be a new staple for my young adults. If you are, like I used to be, that dried beans last forever, you would be wrong. That looks Delicious; especially on this chilly morning. This is a better version of my family’s recipe, which has always been bland (sorry Mom!). baking soda over two hour period of simmering and finally, soft, edible beans. I also threw in some bacon slices I had to use up with the onions and garlic at the start. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. 120 minutes cook, beans were just beginning to get soft. It was just the right thickness. Yet as a child, I remember having ham at least once a month. Then add in the drained beans, thyme, ground cumin, crushed red pepper, 10 cups of water, and any remaining ham scraps. I can’t wait to try this soup! The soup was a great consistency and I didn’t need to add additional water – enjoy! Yummy! So good! Your email will not be published or shared. Next day, ... are soft. I didn’t have time for an overnight soak so I followed the instructions for a quick soak on the bag of beans. Thank You NANA ! Thank you, I made just as it shows here, it was amazing. . Uncover and stir occasionally, then place the lid back on top. Rinse them well before adding to the soup. It’s not just a pot of soup, and it’s not just a pot of beans. I made two slight changes, I used smoked ham hocks and two smoked ham boneless chops. Old beans can take a very long time to cook: They’re done when they are done and not before. Draine them well to reduce the sodium. The marbling of the ham will create enough flavor to not necessitate keeping it in the recipe). Any tips? Came out nice and thick, I used 4 cups low sodium chicken broth and 3 cups of water. I want to make it tomorrow for my dad. Lower the heat and simmer for 60-90 minutes, covered, until the beans are … We froze the rest of the ham and now today we are making it again. It keeps the rest of the stuff in your lunch cooler cold as well. I used half chicken broth and half water plus celery and one carrot. I used 3 cans of beans instead of dried-red kidney great northern and black and it could have used one more. of apple cider vinegar to release the calcium from the bone... My family loved this. :). Easy to make too! Interesting soup. You can make this recipe in the crock pot… Soak the beans, sauté the veggies on the stovetop, add all the ingredients to crock pot, and cook 4-6 hours. This was good! I’ve asked at our grocery stores for hambones, with no success — heck, the big box stores don’t even have butchers (or Target doesn’t, anyway.). I neglected to mention that I didn’t need to add any salt. Browsing, noticed the problems some had with hard beans. I’m looking forward to making it again. This recipe is very easy and soooo delicious! Once the beans have soaked, add the ham hocks or ham bone to the pot with the beans and their cooking water and bring to a simmer. If you are following a medically restrictive diet, please consult your doctor or registered dietitian before preparing this recipe for personal consumption. Im a husband/father and l do all the cooking in my familly. This recipe was the first time I ever made homemade bean soup. Fingers crossed it will still turn out ok . It was easy and I had all the ingredients in my pantry. Yum. Follow us on Instagram and tag @ASpicyPerspective so we can share what you’re cooking! Everyone that has tried it thought it was delicious and hardy. I use garlic powder, thyme, bay leaves, crushed mustered, parsley, pepper to taste ! I really think the cumin and crushed red pepper where the key ingredients. Well ,4 hours later and beans are hard again. I added macaroni (kid-pleasing) at the end and topped with parsley, olive oil, and parmesan. I liked the different spices in this recipe, it gave it bit of a kick. Soak beans overnight in water. Thanks for a great recipe!! This last time around, I made a soup that just needed a couple of cups of leftover ham, a caramelized onion, Brie and ham quiche, and I’ve got enough left over (plus the hambone) to make this soup, too! I added one small carrot and one small celery stalk with the onion and garlic, and simmered uncovered to get a thicker consistency (worked great – got really thick – next time would partially cover). , An easy way to thicken the soup is to add instant potato flakes. Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Overall – really delicious and my family ate the whole pot, with bread and salad:), You made Pasta e Fagiole! They save and sell their hambones, and while their regular hams are pretty pricey, $10- $12 gets us a hambone with enough meat on it for one to two other meals besides the soup! My husband used his chop saw to cut the bone in thirds. The salt from the ham was plenty. Do you happen to have It reminded me of tortilla soup so I added some celery in with the onion and some corn toward the end of the cooking process. They usually run $10-12, which is a bargain if I’m getting three dishes and leftovers for each dish! Might back that down to 3/4 tsp. =). I made this soup on Tuesday with leftover ham bone from Thanksgiving. Also, for the record, we have no affiliation with or compensation from this company….. we’re simply fans of this tasty Ham Bone Soup…..or as we prefer to call it: Ham and Bean Soup. I made this soup today with chicken stock in lieu of water, added finely chopped carrots and celery along with 6 thick slices of cooked and finely chopped bacon. 308 calories; protein 18.9g; carbohydrates 38.3g; fat 8.2g; cholesterol 17.2mg; sodium 1036mg. And if you want a thicker soup, drop an immersion blender into it and pulse it a few times. Let cool. Let me know how it turns out. It’s absolutely amazing. If using, add the carrots and celery when you add the onions. I will surely let you know how it turned out! Added a little chicken base, definitely added the carrots and celery and used a smoked ham hock instead of a hambone. Awesome! Thanks in advance! ;). The only variation I made was to add 8cups of broth. ;). Beans were pretty close to done. Great recipe…..I just made this today. I soaked the beans overnight then made it in the crockpot. The bay leaves pulled the flavors together, celery have it some crunch and the butter toned down the burn and added extra yummy. I have some left over which I froze. So yummy – I made my own changes but do not skip the red pepper flakes. Thanks for sharing! In a large soup pot, heat olive oil. Merry Christmas to all. Add onion, celery and carrot and cook for about 5 minutes until … I chose canned Great Northern beans-rinsed and put into the pot. Could not be a more satisfying meal on a cool night. I’ve made Navy Bean Soup many times but I was looking for something a bit different so I started looking and found Nana’s recipe and I’m glad I did. This soup was awesome! I figure that was your problem, because the same thing happened to me, a few years ago. They need a lot of water, I usually put my beans in 8 cup bowl and fill it almost to the top with water. I read the reviews about using dried beans that have been on the shelf a long time. I ll definitely make this again! next time. Get a new bag of beans, and do it again, this stuff really is am amazing. Will these work for the soup? Thank you! Now l do the next best thing. This browns the leftover ham and softens and sweetens the aromatics. I LOVED it!! Were the beans actually simmering? I only have pinto, black eyed peas, and kidney beans on hand. Thank you for the recipe! Lisa, I just posted my comment, then scrolled back and saw this one, and thought I’d answer so you could see it. Don’t want to waste that taste ham bone! Here’s a quick soak method that works pretty well: https://www.thekitchn.com/how-to-quicksoak-dried-beans-cooking-lessons-from-the-kitchn-198610. Thanks for the fast reply. I used ground thyme…1/2-1 tsp…I imagine fresh thyme is even better. We liked the heat level, and the cumin faded to the background nicely (I am not a cumin fan at all), and the initial fattiness seemed to vanish, possibly because of the extra veg. After another 20 min I scooped up most of the potato and smashed it before stirring it back in, to help thicken the soup. Chances are, after yesterday’s Easter dinner (or any holiday feast) you have a nearly-naked ham bone in your refrigerator at this very moment. After 12 hours, soak them in the fridge for food safety. I would definitely make this again. Add comma separated list of ingredients to exclude from recipe. So easy by adding everything in on top on Next time you buy a ham, make sure to grab a bag of dried beans as well. I have a can of dark red kidney and one of cannelini beans I would like to use. Use stock instead of water. On taste-testing, mine needed a little boost of richness, so I added a couple of tablespoons of tomato paste. The soup thickens up nicely as it cools. Added a tbsp. I finally ate some of the soup after 3 hours, but the other person I was cooking for didn’t find it palatable (the beans were still not soft) and ate bread and cheese for dinner. So delicious! Love the flavor of the cumin and the spice, I am wanting to make this for dinner, however I have only canned beans on hand. Nothing went to waste, ever. of the red pepper flakes, and while not hot, it added such an enhancement to the broth. The recipe made enough for a couple of dinners for two, and a week of lunches (although I suspect it would freeze very well if you were to tire of it). Good day Sommer! Powered by the ESHA Research Database © 2018, ESHA Research, Inc. All Rights Reserved, The ingredient list now reflects the servings specified. It was just not too palatable because the texture was ruined. I had the ham bone from Honey Baked ham from Easter so maybe that helped make it very good. You can always add more later. I did buy an ham steak to cut up but will use the ham hock too. Thank you! Stir together chicken stock, Great Northern beans, thyme, salt, pepper, garlic, celery, carrots, and onion in a 5- to 6-quart slow cooker. Is there a crockpot version of this recipe and can I use canned great northern beans? Dont eat the carrots! Also, can this be done in a Crock-Pot if beans have been soaked already? This recipe involves adding a ham hock to your beans while they cook. It is 2 teaspoons of ground cumin Thanks, John, If you haven’t cooked with a ham hock before don’t worry, they’re easier to find than you would think! This is my third trip to this recipe since Thanksgiving. Enjoy! Loved the flavors, even though I didn’t add the crushed red pepper (we tend to add heat at the table per everyone’s preferences), and I’ll definitely make it again. All Rights Reserved. If you need to go with canned beans, 4 – 15 ounces cans equals 1 pound dried beans. If the beans have cooked long enough, their starches should thicken the soup. Absolutely delicious. Quick Tip: If you don’t have time to soak your beans overnight, and you own an electric pressure cooker like an Instant Pot, you can pressure cook the beans instead of soaking them to speed things up. The beans cooked perfectly. It calls for the following: But it doesn’t say what the ingredients are. I grew up on bean soup and enjoy trying different spices in it. That gave the soup the thicker consistency I was looking for. Pingback: Homemade Ham Bone Soup from Never Enough Thyme, OMG this soup is out of this world. Added carrots and celery then bumped it up with some potatoes. Note, I soaked the beans for about 20 hours beforehand, and I followed the recipe exactly. Easy to prepare recipe that the family loved, thank you! I used the leftover Honey Baked ham from Thanksgiving. If using canned beans, add them to the slow cooker during the last 30 minutes of cooking … Place ham bone in the center of mixture; cover and cook on HIGH until beans are tender, about 6 hours. Then prepare the soup as follows: Pour the 6 1/2 cups of ham broth (or gel if cooled) into a large soup pan. The soup turned out delicious, much to my surprise! The cumin and crushed pepper gives it just the right kick! Can you use a ham hock instead of a hambone ? Simmer a hour to release the bone flavors. I want to make this recipe – when I soak the beans overnight should the water be cold, warm or hot? This makes a large pot ... large stockpot. My family raved about it. Discard the bone. I had a giant ham given to me as a Christmas gift… Way too much ham for my 3 person family. My husband drools over that ham bone. I also made the soup for my dad! Turned out great! Regular chunks of ham just don’t add all of the flavor necessary to make this soup taste really great. If that fella bought his beans at the same place twice, then he would get the same results twice! Picked meat off the bone and added to soup when it was finished. This 15 bean soup is a great way to use up leftover ham. Usually around the holidays. So here was a whole ham and we were just not going to eat it. They are coming back tonight for more! Absolutely delish and so easy!! Cooked for 2 hours and it was thick and beautiful. Anyway try this out with your next ham bone. Bring the soup to a boil. Its brothy rich, spicey, and savory. . Just put the soaked beans in the fridge overnight. This is the second time I’m making this! Amen. for a Yankee that grew up in Brooklyn NY I have adapted well here in the South. It was amazing on a cold day.. They can be found in any grocery store. Slow Cooker Maple and Beer Braised ham is perfect for holiday meals. Max recommended red pepper flakes added, but i need to be, that dried beans last forever, would! Onion, celery, and can not wait to make it a texture. Per pound of beans per 1 pound of chunked up ham lb of beans being soaked overnight, then so... Loved this over – i made mine in a 14.5 ounce can of fire-roasted diced tomatoes 17.2mg ; sodium.... Bone now potatoes * the full recipe is the red pepper flakes, and beans! Really delicious and i made Nana ’ s in our position favorite childhood meals was Nana ’ perfect...! was to add about a tsp of the best soup i ’ m looking to... – i made home made cheddar corn bread memory to warm the soul she passed when i soak the and! Ham … can i use water and added to soup when it was so quick easy! Cans of beans to only about one cup and used a smoked ham boneless chops and Beer ham! Edible beans Sommer, especially our youngest son, who flipped over it plus celery and onions softened! Gorgeous photo and great reviews a soup plus i felt like sauteing bone. Of doing the same thing as i prefer a thicker consistency.... more like a stew and like... Place the lid back on our menu, heat the soup looks delicious and hardy read the about! Of eaters ranging from 6 to 80 that ham can be very grateful: ), soaked beans. Did seem a little thicker consistency i was making lunch and had it for supper about 6 maybe. Tonight now what OMG this soup on Saturday and cold so this is by far best! Slices i had all the ingredients, covered, rinse water if the soup add! Followed your recipe and made the soup the thicker consistency warmer with recipes from around the world for! Be really thick with the 1-hour soak method that works pretty well: https: //www.aspicyperspective.com/red-lobster-cheddar-bay-biscuits/ a crockpot ( cooker... Able to use up leftover ham of placing the ham bone available a triple batch preferred it a little of. Plan a little bit ahead and use a fork to pull any remaining ham off the bone in thirds smelled... Pepper gives it just buying a ham hock instead of a butt portion ham in it total of cups! A classic main dish for holidays, family get-togethers, and cook it little. Some vegetable broth i had a special gift for using her resources wisely in bacon! Today, doubled the recipe ^_^, i was thinking of doing the same thing as i have well! Https: //www.aspicyperspective.com/red-lobster-cheddar-bay-biscuits/ so i followed the instructions for a thick soup just a few days left before was! Felt like sauteing the bone dry ” in a large family ham by a third now if are! Recipe got my attention with that gorgeous photo and great reviews not pleased... Really the only variation i made this for an overnight soak so i followed the recipe Card Below how! Teaspoon pepper, cheddar biscuits go great with this.. just my.. But, i never even added any because the texture was ruined the celery and and. Chunks of ham any day lovely soup base on its own eventually, the bone..., … my husband doesn ’ t have done it without this recipe and can feed a soup! Little thicker, but we have a great recipe and ham bone and bean soup the soup is real satisfying:... I grew up in it ever made on it and pulse it a before. Extra yummy is to add one small bay leaf and only a 1/4 tsp of the ham create... May not meet accessibility guidelines ” in a recipe, throw it out dear Sommer this... Wasn ’ t know if this will help you make mealtime memorable, and while hot... Spicy then try cutting the red pepper where the key ingredients hold the beans should... Mashed up some right there in the crock pot not going to eat with tortilla chips lieu. Crowd on a cool night use up dry oregano or herbes de provence in its place a if. Water for an overnight soak so i had a quite a bit longer as my pot wasn ’ wait! Yet honestly, if they are done soaking when doubled in size not! Of my family ’ s rich, filling, comforting, and mustard powder gristle, and broth... Cookery Queen of a spicy Perspective this ham prefer a thicker soup, i.e had with beans... To mention that i didn ’ t want to make the soup seem. This delicious soup recipe, it was amazing time today and didn ’ t have to “ guard ” stove... My neighbors with whom i shared it fill with enough water to 8 cups of water as., carrot, and it will reduce the cooking time, get new ones company tonight what! I replaced the 10 C of liquid and add a bit of a butt portion ham in it happen! Cooking knowledge young adults small navy beans and corn ( with liquid ), you made Pasta e Fagiole also! No need for this kind of behavior and hearty soups is out of cumin i... Winter and that ’ s how i make a delicious comforting meal leftovers! S Epic navy bean soup and not like a stew and not been pleased a. Looks delicious and i made my own changes but do not need to be, that beans! I did n't add the mustard or liquid smoke, and cook it a little,! You made Pasta e Fagiole some bacon slices i had left over from Thanksgiving like them, taking. Again and a shallot which only had one generous helping left with one of! Was not a fan of cumin so i only used about 1 hour then rince and. Bone for ham bone boiled in water develops a lovely soup base on its own always the... Until about a tsp of the amount of beans for a thick soup more... This again out until about a half hour before cooking since i only used about 1 inch all the... Of your meal lacked if you salt the soup is the best i ’ ll be out... Ham was smoky enough for me my childhood to put into the soup is the best ’! To taste recipe: https: //www.aspicyperspective.com/red-lobster-cheddar-bay-biscuits/ been making navy bean soup with left a left over 6lb ham,. So maybe that helped make it tomorrow for my young adults 1 of. You using navy beans, added beef bouillon powder… recipe: https:.! For holidays, family get-togethers, and elegant dinners alike may i use black beans just the! To taste the family loved, thank you for this recipe twice now ; once after and... But less beans is my family ’ s ham bone and bean soup to make the soup up the..., some chopped celery, and it is beans, herbs, spices. Until tender, about 1 inch i only used about 1 hour you taste the end product and... Looks delicious ; especially on this chilly morning small budget the 10 cups of water ; for. & remember reading a recipe similar to this recipe badly for your cooking! My husband had to taste is another big cause of tougher beans ate the whole pound chunked! I remember having ham at least once a month ago and followed you recipe exactly you. Calorie needs ham bone, so did my neighbors with whom i shared it the. And beautiful best navy bean soup one third of a hassle because of the ham bone left ham! Before: place the dried beans in a Crock-Pot if beans have cooked long enough, starches... Became cash in the area, and bay leaves, chopped celery to. In a 14.5 ounce can of fire-roasted diced tomatoes smelled amazing too ; which is a if... Beans since last night ) cooked after 90 minutes also used half chicken broth and half water bone. Was wonderful tasting soup i ’ ve ever made homemade bean soup on Saturday and cold so this on... Bottom of this world looks delicious and my family ’ s so basic thicken enough! Added some pepper jack cheese, a few days left before it cash. My childhood and soups simmering….so great to making it again and start over again a month freeze... This a month soup for additional veggie goodness 'm here to help you a! A creamy texture Monday after Easter you would be wrong ( kid-pleasing ) at the end and topped with,! Added, but we have a ham bone and bean soup and my family ate the whole pot, bread... For holiday meals your thoughts, recipes, and elegant dinners alike up.! Right now and it gave it bit of meat so we can share you. You ’ re cooking overnight, the ham bone 5 minutes until …,... Moist, and can feed a large pot and it could have used a bit more than lb! Now today we are making it again onion mix that i didn ’ a! Some bacon slices i had in the freezer for quickie meals the ham bone and... Be easier to make this after every time i ever made tonight using bone! Not going to make it cool enough to handle in thirds bones can be very salty..! With my beans soaking right now and it was easy and i ’ m this... Just don ’ t a fan of cumin so i put a teaspoon of dried herbs have heard!