Fighting shin hye sun!!!!!!! This loyal fan will always be cheering for you. Meet Your Home at the Heart of the City: Discovery Suites Manila. You’re an amazing actress Shin Hye Sun. She alway has a good performance and charactor. She looks a lot like Soo-Ae. By this fact, once again I realize her amazing talent! Her acting skills top notch. Ej Jul 15 2019 10:21 am Vic Calma Dec 09 2020 2:39 pm In 2017, Sung starred in the romantic comedy drama My Secret Romance, in which he played a second-generation chaebol. Lo Dec 20 2018 11:53 am Thank you for delivering your emotion in a natural way. Congratulations love! Really enjoyed it...I will definitely watch out for more of your work. Love u acting so much. please do another project with park hi-soo. Shakuntala Jul 10 2016 6:22 am Shin Hye-sun Profile: Shin Hye-sun Facts Shin Hye-sun (신혀선) is a South Korea actresses under YNK Entertainment. Hye-Sun Shin is an actress, known for Stranger (2017), Innocence (2020) and Hwanggeumbit Nae Insaeng (2017). Without realising it, I have watched or began watching every drama she's ever been in!! She's my new favourite actress! Miguel Sep 21 2020 5:39 pm I wish you the best, all the luck and success Shin Hye Sun because I truly believe you deserve where you are now. Just 'Shin Hye-Sun' level. Stunning and a great actress! Name: 신혜선 / Shin Hye Sun (Sin Hye Seon) Profession: Actress Birthdate: 1989-Aug-31 (age 31) Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea Height: 171cm Weight: 50kg Star sign: Virgo Blood type: O Family: Older sister Talent agency: YNK Entertainment TV Shows. Lydia Jan 07 2019 6:28 am The series begins airing on cable channel tvN on Saturday. You never exagerate in your acting but somehow it pears my heart like this. Birth Name: Shin Hye-sun (신혀선) Birthday: August 31, 1989 Zodiac Sign: Virgo Height: 171 cm (5ʼ7”) Weight: 50 kg (110 lbs) Blood Type: O Instagram: Shin Hye-sun Official Twitter: Shin Hye-sun Official Shin Hye-sun Facts: – Education: National […] She is very determined regarding her dream. Keep it up! One of the best actresses of Korea! Only if COVID-19 were over if you ask me because I miss eating out at Korean restaurants. Every role you play - You are touching the viewers ! Definitely deserves bigger roles. finally, she got now to have a big role drama... she's great.. and I'm too excited to watch next episodes "My Golden Life". Mabe Hyun May 23 2018 10:04 pm Your character was my favorite in S1. I have to say, Shin Hye Sun really is underrated for her side roles, amazing acting!!! lmlmlmlm Mar 07 2016 3:51 pm Jungle_fish Jul 27 2015 9:30 am Her acting was soooooo good, i am totally impresed. Are we allowed to give a hundred and ninety nine percent? I can't wait to see your next work. Fighting! W4GRB.average_rating[1]=93; //]]>, Mail (required but will not be published). Shin Hye-Sun is some next level actress! Congratulations unnie,you're best?and happy new year 2020, yourlove Jan 02 2020 6:23 am She is sucha stunner! Ann Aug 10 2017 9:45 am Hope to watch her again together with Park Shi Hoo in new drama. Soi Nov 22 2018 1:56 pm She is this era’s Gong Hyo Jin, but her sudden popularity due to her talent kinda resembles of Seo Hyun Jin’s. An actress with the same aura as Han Hyo Joo! Run along dont give up for you are on a journey to full success and I will keep cheering for you. Sign in with Google Kdrama Starter Aug 04 2019 7:21 am gwen Mar 14 2019 7:52 pm I like her alot. Not only in K Dramas, but anywhere! Avril Lewis Oct 19 2020 9:19 am She's in She Was Pretty! Anyway, I guess I'll just leave a comment here because I absolutely had to share my appreciation for Shin Hye-Sun somewhere, and if it is going to be among fellow fans then all the better! { In 2016, Sung returned to the Korean small screen with KBS's weekend drama Five Enough, playing a model turned professional golfer, where his pairing with Shin Hye-sun gained popularity among the viewers. You are one of the greatest korean actresses . daebak! Hye-Sun Shin, Actress: Bimilui Soop. Please pare her with kim so hyun, they're both have amazing acting skill, i really hope next drama, maybe in 2021, just pare her with kim so hyun please, jeballl, Airma Jul 04 2020 2:01 am I haven't watched any Korean drama shows before, but my sister was watching 'My Golden Life' so I decided to watch and became hooked. If we could then I would. I first saw her in She Was Pretty but she did not really catch my eye there. Your current drama is amazing!! I first saw her in she was pretty which is one of my favourites kdrama. I’m so excited to watch her in future projects. Presenting a comical transformation as Kim So-yong, Shin Hye Sun faces a quirky role of a Joseon queen whose body hosts a wandering spirit of a man not living in her time. But you were there. ❤. I just love this girl. Snowpiercer Jul 28 2019 8:26 am I hope to see you in many more dramas! her acting is excellent she reminds Gong hyo jin, she is even better than her. grace Dec 23 2016 9:56 pm very good acting, she really looks very innocent there.. im a fan! Jung Pil-kyo is a South Korean singer-songwriter. tvN’s weekend drama “Mr. I really really like her, even though I don't know her, I feel like I can relate to her, which is very strange. After that I totally loved her in Still 17. dnsmn Nov 20 2016 12:37 am LARS-AKE NORLING “ITD World has been our coaching and leadership development partner for the past one year. God bless you Miss Shin Hye Sun! vkook Aug 11 2018 1:56 am Kim Jung Hyun plays … She was in minor or supporting roles so I guess that's why. And this is from an American of Scotch/Irish descent! I love her in My Golden Life and love her character as Seo Ji Ahn. Bloomsbury Nov 02 2019 7:23 pm Though she wasn't in the lead role but I liked her acting. On top of that you are also beautiful and stunning!! Her acting in Stranger is so good. Her emotions on screen are so raw and so beautifully displayed that you can almost feel them. She caught my eyes because she was so cute and sweet and later on I was so impressed by her acting talent. //
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